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Review from: Melissa at Just One Opinion Blogspot

This book is fast paced and gets into the swing of things pretty fast I liked that a lot. Juliana is a kick – ass feisty character who I liked right away – I mean seriously she wants to fight a 400yr old vampire! that’s pretty freaking epic in my eyes. I could relate to her a lot, I feel anybody would fight for those they loved and I admired her determination.
I actually cried in parts of this book her anger, loss and sadness really got to me. The author did a wonderful job at conveying that.

William was so dreamy a gentleman Vampire I loved it and could see why Juliana was attracted to him. He was her rock when everything else was falling apart (yes I am a hopeless romantic)
Ana was a complex character even though she is the cause of Jules pain she isn’t an evil person. She didn’t mean to hurt Jules the way she did and is sorry about it. Ana is a character I am interested in seeing develop more through out the series.

I did enjoy reading this book and getting to know the characters I am very interested in seeing where the author takes them and how they grow and change. I liked the concept and the well thought out personalities. The plot was strong enough to carry on the series -  I look forward to book number 2.

Review from: Danielle at BookWhore Book Blog

This novel is about a woman name Juliana a doctor, wife, and mother of two, who discovers one of her coworkers is a vampire. Juliana is drawn to this woman and cannot seem to figure out why others have not noticed how different she is. As we all know a human discovering a vampire is a death sentence for the human under vampire law. Lucky for Juliana she is given a second chance at life, after death. This novel has an original storyline, most of the vampire novels we read now days are young girls who get turned into a vampire and fall in love. This novel options for the married mother of two and shows how hard it is for her to truly leave her life even in death. Juliana struggling to leave her family completely only puts them in more danger. I think Julian being older and having a family makes her more relate-able to older readers, and I love to be able to relate to the characters in my books. My favorite character in this novel would have to be William, the strong sexy male vampire/ love interest of Juliana. William grows and develops throughout the novel, and you get little tidbits about his life as read, but I look forward to learning his entire story. Stolen Sun is the first novel in The Juliana Lucio Series and you get a feeling that a ton of secrets are being kept, and I cannot wait to find them out. This book is a great opener for the series, and to be honest when I was finished I instantly ran to the author’s website to search for book two due the intense cliffhanger. Unfortunately it is not out yet, but I will certainly be counting down until book twos release date. I recommend this novel to adult readers only

Review from: Vicky at The Reading Diva’s Blog

Juliana is a resident in the emergency room when she notices that there is something not quite right about the new doctor and wants to know more about the elusive Ana. When Juliana is attacked by Ana at the end of a shift, her whole life changes forever.

Juliana is a very strong independent person who loved her life before the attack. When she discovers that she is now a vampire her main focus is protecting the family that she will no longer be able to see and to provide them with some closure over her disappearance. To be able to do this she has to put aside her feelings about her sire and ask for her help. Ana wants to do her best by Juliana and so is willing to help any way that she can in providing the closure that Juliana needs.

Ana comes across as quite a cold emotionless person at the beginning of the book. As the story progresses we get to learn more about Ana and it becomes apparent that she has feelings for Juliana and that these are confusing to her. She tries to protect Juliana but as this is her first experience as a sire, she finds that things are more complicated and difficult than she first expected and this contributes to some bad feeling between Ana and Juliana.

William is introduced near the start of the book when Ana finds Juliana’s first feeding more difficult than expected. He is immediately attracted to Juliana and tries to help her through the difficult times and teach her how to manage with her new life and the changes she will have to face.

I found the characters easy to connect with and I was experiencing the ups and downs along the way with them. This is really important to me in as story as if I find it difficult to connect with at least one of the characters I don’t believe in the story as much. I have high hopes for the relationship between Juliana and William as the series progress but I did find that I was a bit disappointed that Juliana appeared to move on so quickly even though she said she still loved her husband and always would. But the connection that the two seemed to experience felt more like a “fated bond” and helped to push aside any doubts about the swiftness of their relationship.

Stolen Sun is a fast paced introduction to the Juliana Lucio series. This is a fantastically written story that keeps the action going and the pages turning throughout. I think this series has a lot of potential and I am waiting with baited breath to find out how the story continues.

Excellent start to the series, for this I give it 4 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ hearts

 Review from: Autumn at the Open Book Society

Dr. Juliana Lucio has it all.  She has a loving husband, two beautiful sons and a successful career.  Upon noticing the peculiar new doctor hired on at her hospital, all of that changes.

Ana Chase can’t risk being exposed for what she is – a vampire.  She attacks Juliana but can’t bring herself to kill her and turns her instead.

When Juliana awakens to her new life, she can’t help but mourn what was once hers.  She resents Ana for taking that away from her and is determined to try to get her old life back. Ana’s roommate and vampire companion, William, complicates all of her plans.  He is everything that Juliana could want but she finds it hard to move on from her human family.

When two older and more powerful vampires appear, the stakes are raised to the breaking point.  They present her with an ultimatum, join their coven or lose what she loves the most.

Stolen Sun is such a creative and new approach to the vampire genre.  The storyline moves quickly but keeps the reader engaged and the characters are believable, strong and appealing.  The action packed ending sets readers up keenly for the next book in the series, which is set for release in January.  I can’t wait to read every one of them.

 Review from Melissa at Just One Opinion Blogspot:

After reading book one in this series I was presently surprised and thought it was a promising start. Rising son just built on that for me I really did enjoy this book.
Let’s start by mentioning the hot and dreamy cover! This got my attention right away I just wanted to jump right on into the story.
The story continues with Jules just after finding out Will and Anna are members of the secret council that was out to destroy her, needless to say she isn’t happy and worried about the safety of her son.

I love Jules she’s opinionated, strong willed, fiesty and will speak her mind…even if it lands her in a lot of trouble, which it normally does! Lol. We see her go head to head with some strong and scary vampire enemies in the book to protect her own. Even though her relationship with Anna and Will is strained at times she continues to be very loyal to them.

I enjoyed seeing there developing relationship between the 3 of them, as well as learning more about them as individual characters.

In my opinion the more of Will we get the better..he’s a total stud muffin what a catch Jules got with him!
I loved the role Christian played as protector and the added bonus of Victoria into the mix who always brings a good amount of drama where ever she goes! Nice touch.

Its hard to know who to trust within the story one set of vampires want to remain under the radar while another set want to treat humans like a milking farm. With vampires from each side infiltrating the groups it’s hard to know who has your back and who just wants to stab you in it.

L.C Decarlo has done a wonderful job with defining her characters and creating the world they live in.. Which quite frankly at times can be very disturbing! It takes a wonderful imagination to pull something like that off. I can not wait for book 3 to see what happens to our group now there running for there lives!

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